Sullivan’s Island Mayor Pat O’Neil

“We critically need to keep Chip Campsen as our state Senator!”
“Chip is the strongest and most effective voice for protection of natural resources in the General Assembly, regardless of party. It’s in his DNA!”
“Chip led the opposition to offshore drilling and seismic testing from Day One.”
“He sponsored and passed the legislation establishing the SC Conservation Bank, which has protected over 310,000 acres in our state!”
“He supports protecting Sullivan’s Island’s important maritime forest.”
“Chip authored the bills making it easier to vote absentee during the Covid pandemic.”
“Chip was the only Senator to vote against the scheme that allowed the power companies to charge us for years for that failed nuclear plant which will never produce as much energy as a AA battery.”
“Chip looks after his District. As Mayor of Sullivan’s Island, I can attest that every time we’ve had any kind of emergency, be it hurricane, ice storm, Wando bridge closure, etc, Chip has called to ask how we were doing and what we needed. And when we’ve needed attention to more chronic issues, like stormwater management, Chip has been more than attentive, even showing up in waders to examine our marsh outfalls.
I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Chip Campsen as our State Senator!”


Edisto Beach Mayor Jane Darby

"Chip Campsen is the only candidate I have ever endorsed. He is an exceptional legislator. He is accessible, passionate about protecting the environment, diligent about researching issues, respected by his colleagues and an asset for our town, our citizens and the people of South Carolina."

"Chip coordinated beach renourishment between the Town, Edisto Beach State Park and Hunting Island State Park, saving time and money. His 2018 Beachfront Management Reform Act protected both our beach and our beachfront property owners."

"Senator Campsen’s conservation laws have protected much of Edisto Island and the ACE Basin - and funded our very own Bay Creek Park. Please join me in re-electing Chip Campsen to the SC Senate.”

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Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie

“I’ve known Chip Campsen for over 35 years. He is a person of integrity, a good businessman and a smart lawyer. Chip is a statesman, not a politician.”

“Senator Campsen is widely heralded as the leading conservationist in South Carolina. He protected our coast from offshore drilling, and his Conservation Bank Act has protected iconic properties such as Boone Hall Plantation, Morris Island and Angel Oak.”

“But Chip has accomplished so much more. He enabled us to vote by absentee ballot during the COVID pandemic. He reformed insurance laws that brought down coastal homeowner premiums. When school funding formulas short-changed our Lowcountry public schools he secured millions of dollars to fill the gap. He passed a constitutional amendment protecting our property rights, championed ethics reform, and was the only member of the Senate to vote against the Base Load Review Act that led to decades of ever-increasing power bills.”

“Senator Campsen has always been attentive to Mt. Pleasant’s needs, including our transportation and flood mitigation needs. I wholeheartedly endorse Senator Chip Campsen for re-election to SC Senate District 43.”


Island of Palms Mayor Jimmy Carroll

“Besides being a lifelong friend and fellow surfer, Senator Chip Campsen has consistently been an advocate for our environment and conservation. He has been proactive as to climate change’s impact upon our coast, and a persuasive opponent of offshore drilling and seismic testing. Recently the Wall Street Journal published a feature article about how Chip’s leadership changed the course of the offshore drilling debate for the entire East Coast and DC.”

“Chip is also a businessman and has proactively supported South Carolina’s economy. I remember his family’s tour-boat company ferrying residents back to the islands to check on their homes for free after Hurricane Hugo took out the Ben Sawyer Bridge in 1989. No one loves or has done more for our environment, our coast and our state than my friend Chip Campsen.”

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Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling

“South Carolina could not have a stronger champion and more effective advocate for preserving and protecting our pristine natural resources than Senator Chip Campsen. We need his continued leadership to continue protecting special lands, fighting seismic testing and offshore drilling and protecting endangered wildlife. That’s why I support Senator Chip Campsen for reelection and hope you will too.”


Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin

“I endorse Senator Chip Campsen for re-election to S.C. Senate District 43. Chip has represented Folly Beach and his entire coastal district well. No one has done more to preserve our beaches, protect our natural resources, ban offshore drilling and sustain our unsurpassed coastal quality of life for generations to come. His Conservation Bank has protected over 315,000 acres - and counting. A vote for Senator Campsen is a vote for the South Carolina Coast, the Lowcountry, and the natural resources that epitomize everything we love about our home! On November 3rd vote for our Senator, Chip Campsen!”


James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey

“I wholeheartedly endorse Senator Chip Campsen for re-election to the SC Senate. He crafted legislation defending the Town of James Island’s right to exist. He authored legislation ensuring James Island High School, its students and teachers remained eligible for grants and Teacher of the Year Awards. He amended annexation laws to preserve the Town’s continued existence. He has assisted with flood mitigation.”

“As South Carolina’s foremost conservationist Senator Campsen helped secure funding to preserve the Morris Island Lighthouse, and his Conservation Bank protected Morris Island from development. I encourage you to send Senator Campsen back to the SC Senate.”


Port Royal Mayor Joe DeVito

“Port Royal is fortunate to have Senator Chip Campsen represent us in the SC Senate. He created the Conservation Bank that has protected iconic places like the Battle of Port Royal Liberty Trail, Lemon Island and Chisolm Plantation. He played a major role in halting the development of Bay Point Island.”

“But Senator Campsen is about a lot more than conservation. During my tenure as Mayor he has been responsive, effective and strategic on every issue we worked on together. His recent assistance on permitting issues surrounding Port Redevelopment makes me more optimistic than ever about the project. Please join me in re-electing Senator Chip Campsen to the SC Senate.”

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