A Record of Success for South Carolina

One Of SC's Most Effective Legislators

The Complete List

  • Amendments to South Carolina Constitution

    Private  Property Rights 

    Age of Consent 

    Right to Public Natural Resources 

    Government Efficiency 

    Governor & Lt. Governor on Same Ticket

  • Election Law

    Vote by Absentee Ballot during COVID-19

    Uniformed & Oversees Citizens Absentee Voters Act 

    Equal Access to the Ballot Act

  • Natural Resources

    Conservation Bank Act 

    Offshore Drilling

    Beachfront Management Reform Act

    Conservation Incentives Act 

    Groundwater Use & Reporting Act

    Managed Tidal Impoundment Preservation Act 

    Surface Water Withdrawal & Reporting Act

    Drought Response Act 

    Surface Water Withdrawal, Permitting, Use & Reporting Act

    Oil Spill Contingency Plan Resolution 

    Highway Beautification

    Conservation Bank Reauthorization Act 

  • Constitutional Rights & Freedoms

    Public Invocation Act 

    Release Time for Religious Education Act

    Release Time Credit Act

    Student-Led Message Act

    Religion in Public Schools Act

    Born Alive Infant Protection Act

    Television Programming Protection Act

    Concealed Weapons Permits Reform

    Mental Illness as Background Check Disqualifier for Firearms Purchase

  • Hunting, Fishing, Forestry & Boating

    Department of Natural Resources License Reform

    Marine Resources Reform

    Turkey Season

    Southern Cobia Management Zone

    Game Zone Reform

    Lifetime Licenses 


    Youth Hunting Days 

    Night Hunting


    Deer Tags

    Sullivan’s Island Landing/Cove Inlet No-Wake Zone

    Goldbug Island No-Wake Zone

    Fisheries Laws

    Boating Reform and Safety Act 

    Hunting & Fishing Licensure

    Alligator Season

  • Criminal Law

    Omnibus Crime Reduction and Sentencing Reform Act 

    E-STOP (Electronic Securing & Targeting of Online Predators Act) – 

    Unborn Victims Act

    Parole Hearing Reform 

    Prison Wages & Restitution 

    Juvenile Parole Board Reform 

    Department of Juvenile Justice Reform 

    Insanity & Violent Crime

    Sex Offenders & Foster Homes

  • Ethics & Transparency

    Office of Freedom of Information Act Review

    Ethics Reform Act

  • History & Culture

    Col. William Thompson Historical Marker at Breach Inlet

    Spirituals Designated State Music

  • Education

    FutureScholar 529 Plan 

    Governor James B. Edwards Civics Education Initiative

    Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities Act 

    James Island Charter High School

  • Tax, Fiscal Policy & Economic Development

    Taxpayer Inflation Protection Act 

    Capital Gain Holding Period Reform Act 

    Research and Development Tax Credit Reform Act 

    Estimated Income Tax Payment Reform Act

    Boeing Incentives

    Property Tax Reform

    Relocated SC Research Authority from Columbia to Charleston

  • Tort and Insurance Reform

    Unanticipated Medical Outcome Reconciliation Act 

    Omnibus Coastal Property Insurance Reform Act 

  • Transportation Law

    Commercial Driver’s License Drug Testing Act 

    Gambling Cruise Act

    Golf Carts 

    Drug Free Trucking Act

  • Government Restructuring

    Department on Aging 

    Lt. Governor Restructuring 

    Commission on Women Restructuring

  • Trust, Estate & Property Law

    Estate and Probate Reform Act

    Betterment Statute

    Elective Share

    Prudent Investor Act

    Principal and Income Act

    Trusts & Estates

  • Judicial Reform

    Military Parent Equal Protection Act 

    Magistrate Restitution Limits 

    Magistrates Court Jurisdiction

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